Episode 10 (Stephen and Joe) – Holidays!

Episode 10 Show topics: 2dm Crew watches 2 girls 1 cup Free hugs Giving money to homeless people Michael Vick Mitchell report (steroids) New tats + more. Download: Episode 10. mpg

Episode 9 (Stephen and Trevvor)

Episode 9 Quarter-life crisis Immigration in the US (Mexicans) TV writers strike Street fights in Asia. Download: Episode 9. mpg

Episode 8 (Stephen and Drew)

Episode 8 Show topics: The big announcement Cardinals game Girls that are bad kissers Weekly props Led Zeppelin reunion Halloween sketch Download: Episode 8. mpg

Episode 7 (Stephen and Drew)

Episode 7 Interesting people in the gym Chris Crocker/Britney video Brady Bunch lezzies Trent Reznor of NIN video Beauty and the G33k season premiere Download: Episode 7. mpg

Episode 6 (Stephen and Drew)

Episode 6 New co-host drew Summer blockbusters Do you know how I know you’re gay? game Owen Wilson suicide attempt Playboy U Download: Episode 6. mpg

Episode 4 (Stephen and Trevvor)

Episode 4 Show topics: Game shows The Price is right Spider-Man 3 Scientology (sorry, the right side of the screen is a little scrambled for the first few minutes.) Download: Episode 4. mpg