The most asked question I get is what is the 2 Drink Minimum Show?

My best answer is…….a drunken version of Regis and Kelly. Basically its me (Stephen) and a hottie co-host and we talk about random pop culture/dating/music/movies and everything in between.  In todays society there is a stigma, that most people believe that everyone is their true self, when they are drunk. The interesting concept about the show is that we are actually drunk during the taping of the show. So in a sense we are our true selves when we are on the show.

Changing the world 2 shots at a time.

(Update 1/14/2011)
Starting in January 2011, we have created a series where we conduct
interviews with some of the most interesting people from around the
world. The series kicked off with coverage of CES and AVN.