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Episode 16 (Stephen & Aimee)

Episode 16 Part 1 Part 2 Show topics: Why do you still seem paranoid walking around naked when no one else is around? Female masturbation No Sex is Key to Long Life? First date tips 30 day challenge How did they have sex in the old days Download: Episode 16. avi

Episode 15 (Stephen & Nicole)

Episode 15 Part 2 Show topics: Rock Band Why is it when geeks actually go to parties, they only go to raves? Turn-on when guys/girls fight? General: personal turn ons and turn offs Is there such things as beer goggles, after a hook up with girls say they were drunk, but does it really impair […]

Episode 13 (Stephen & Trevvor)

Episode 13 Part 1 Part 2 Show topics: St Patrick’s day traditions Green beer Trevvor’s DUI update Do you believe in good and bad luck? Everyone is on a a destined path? The term wife beaters Stereotypes in TV shows Stephen’s crazy dream Download: Episode 13. mpg