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2 Drink Minimum Show Episode #27 (Stephen and Kirsten) Election 2012, Hulk Hogan Sex Tape, Yoga Boners, and creepy dreams.

Lightning round with Kirsten No Shave November? Do girls participate? Election 2012 Hurricane Sandy Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Taylor Swift Yoga Boners/Zumba Prostitution ring What should I do for my birthday? Dreams: Do you ever fall asleep watching a movie or Tv Show, then your dream is directly related to the movie? Read dream. Craigslist […]

2 Drink Minimum Show Episode #26 (Stephen & Amanda) Hookups, TomKat, Call Me Maybe, and Ghosts

Amanda’s Last show before she goes to the Colbert Report!! Icebreaker what were you like in high school Hookups clothes (hat) Dating awkward girls (Zoey Dechanel) Talk about “call me maybe” and carley rae jepsens (big mouth, Kayne West impression) Why do hot girls have shitty jobs (Mcdonalds, Jack) Break Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes […]

2 Drink Minimum Show Episode #25 (Stephen & Amanda)

Hosting tonight’s show is Stephen and Amanda! This is their first time on local public access tv and censoring the show…to some extent. Re-intro Infomercials, and staying up late Bath Salts and Zombies Aids and the Make-a-wish Foundation Mike Tyson Broadway Show Break Comedian Tales: Matt Fulchiron Rap music increases sex drive Ocotomom Porn Video […]

2 Drink Minimum Show Episode #24 (Stephen & Amanda)

We are back after another 8 month hiatus!!! Our hosts are Stephen & Amanda Intro Luche Lubre Wrestler Is Art dead? Stealing Jokes Straitjacket escape: 50 Shades of Grey Facebook flop Dog the Bounty Hunter Canceled AZ gun law Summer blockbusters Craigslist missed connections Final Shot Drinks: Stephen is drinking vodka & Redbull, Amanda […]

2 Drink Minimum Show Episode #23 (Stephen and Jazzy) Part 3

2DM #23 Stephen & Jazzy (Part 3) Show Topics: MTV True Life: Sugar Baby Jazzy’s dating life Re-cap of week without electronics Boxee box Jealous BF/GF   Drinks: Stephen is drinking vodka & Monster, Jazzy is drinking vodka & coke Watch our other episodes:

2 Drink Minimum Show #22 (Live at Cue Club in Tempe, AZ)

2DM #22 Stephen & Danielle Show Topics Cue Club Filming location Danielle Bday Official 2 Drink Minimum Show LLC I am now a father of a son Christopher Arhin from Ghana Pregnant Stripper Charlie Sheen recap recent history Could you live without electronics (at least 1 week) -Break- What constitutes friendship levels? (work friends and […]