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Episode 20 (Stephen & Danielle)

Episode 20 Part 1: Part 2: Show Topics: Play never have I ever Welcome back after 1 year hiatus Recap what we both have been doing in the last year (real world gay guy) Pop culture year in review: Twilight, Beiber fever, Jersey Shore (fist pumping), Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, (cant be tamed)Lady Gaga,sketchy vibes/bad girl, […]

Episode 19 (Stephen & Danielle)

Episode 19 Part 1: Part 2: Show topics: -Introduce Danielle -Celebrity deaths -Summer movie blockbusters -Why are people attracted to accents? -Pregnancy -Eminem and Mariah Carey feud -Fat people and gay people -Do you think the way you kiss is the way you have sex? -Define:hookup -Weekly props -Final Shot

Episode 15 (Stephen & Nicole)

Episode 15 Part 2 Show topics: Rock Band Why is it when geeks actually go to parties, they only go to raves? Turn-on when guys/girls fight? General: personal turn ons and turn offs Is there such things as beer goggles, after a hook up with girls say they were drunk, but does it really impair […]