2 Drink Minimum Show Episode #26 (Stephen & Amanda) Hookups, TomKat, Call Me Maybe, and Ghosts

Amanda’s Last show before she goes to the Colbert Report!!

  • Icebreaker what were you like in high school
  • Hookups clothes (hat)
  • Dating awkward girls (Zoey Dechanel)
  • Talk about “call me maybe” and carley rae jepsens (big mouth, Kayne West impression)
  • Why do hot girls have shitty jobs (Mcdonalds, Jack)
  • Break
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing (Scientology)
  • Aliens/ghosts, Do they exist ? (true life experiences)
  • Do you have to be drunk or on drugs to be creative (morrison, hendricks, edgar allen poe)
  • Food eating competition – Chompies Slider Challenge
  • Missed Connections
  • Final Shot

Twitter: @2DMShow, @amandajunemoon

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